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It is a famous shop of doughnuts, Floresta.

The sister store of Floresta was built at Honmachi, Osaka while I had worked near there.
I often went the shop about 4 years ago because of simple tastes.
The shop flyer said the head store was at Nara.
I didn’t know even if I had lived in there. lol
“The shop came from Nara is opened in a big city of Osaka…!”

I already had left the company, and now have an office in Nara.
I recalled the head store, so I went to there several days ago.
It was at a path between Higashimuki-syoutengai and Konishisakura-dori. SBSH0476.jpg the small signboard

the small store
Simple doughnuts in show case
There are a few kind of simple doughnuts, but everyone enjoy to choose ‘cuz all of them are lovely!
The standard mane is... this one!
Strawberry milk doughnuts are selling till April. 8.

The shop flyer that was hand-writing. It was warm and fluffy
Please visit Floresta’ s Web Site, too.


I ordered two doughnuts, flavor of earl gray and coconut.
They were not oily, and not too sweaty like for adults’ snacks.

●Earl gray 150yen
The organic earl gray leaves in doughnuts’ textures
The glamorous aroma of them charms a lot of women

raw materials: flour, sugar, egg, organic soymilk( no sugar, no salt), butter, vegetable oil( rapeseed), natural salt, baking powder, organic earl gray leaf

●coconuts chocolate 170yen
Savory and luxury tastes
Using an organic coconuts

Raw materials: flour, sugar, egg, organic soymilk( no sugar, no salt), butter, vegetable oil( rapeseed), natural salt, baking powder, chocolate, organic coconut

The Floresta sells healthy doughnuts.
We use safety and natural raw materials (no use additives) for all customers, and are though in our cooking all foods by handmade.
We give these words for environments and keeping making deliciousness.

*use domestic and organic materials as much as possible
*cut down on excessive packing and not to discharge a lots waste while cooking
*provide fresh foods and not to keep them for long time
*not to use synthetic detergents when clean around kitchen, so consider for environments and allergy

It is great! Good for children’s snacks!
There are many stores throughout Japan. You can also get them by internet.

There is some eat-in space at this store.
The coffee is organic too…
The organic coffee is make from Guatemala coffee beans, and it tastes bitter and deep. It is extra coffee beans of Bird Friendly that is considering for environments and animals
It is great with hot doughnuts.

It is near Kintetsu Nara station, so I recommend filling your stomach by lovely doughnuts on your sightseeing.

Floresta, the head store Nara
8-1 Raffine Touyou bldg. ground floor, Konishi-town, Nara-city, Nara 630-8226

Tel. 0742-24-7397

Open 10:00-19:00/Close Open throughout the year